I always wanted to work in movies. As i child i would record every film i could on VHS Tape, watch and watch it again to figure out how they could do what they did. i liked the idea that an actor would say the right line at the right time. everything seemed to melt into a mindblowing twist of emotions. The lights shining on the heroes and the darkness for the villains, a camera pan revealed a fantastic world i never dreamed of. That magic kiss coming right at that moment when it seemed impossible they would end up together. That glooming feeling afterwards, the end, the curtain drop, the nostalgia for that past i never lived, that land i never saw. That is when i understood i wanted to work in movies. I understood it wasn’ t just about the dream of it: i understood that without it i may have not been able to dream further in my life. So i decided back then to fall in love with it, to go on a journey looking for the mysterious language of cinema